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Join the NFTs DeFi ICO in 2021

Be the early token buyers for the top crypto project of 2021. The ICO Glue Network will continue for 120 phases, and the token price will increase each phase.

The 1st of October 2021, the token will be deposited & unlock to all investors as well as listed on multiple crypto exchangers for the price of the last phase achieved. After that the market will take over the valuation & the fun begins.


The team behind the Glue Network are vested for 4 years & will do everything to reach the long term goals for the protocol and token.


- Dev Team 

Invest in the GLU Token with

Glue Contract : 0xC6C4FaF9d1b7017180a72a1ce4bbdCC75C5Df6a4

* GLU Token required

Trust wallet or Metamask to deposit.

Price Now $0.38 Per GLU

Price Per GLU Phase 20 will be $0.39

Buy with Credit Card or Paypal with 0% Fee

*** We Accept  Only ETH ***

due to technical Issue  by Coinbase.

Join our GLU benefit for invest more than $1000 USD

* Benefit Chart Below *

Glue Investor Benefit
Netflix Glue Investor
Youtube Premium Glue Investor
Spotify Glue investor
Priority Pass for Urenium Investor

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The numbers behind Glue Token

Current Phase
1 Of 120

Should phase 120 not be reached before June 30 2021, there will be a voting by the public token holders to extend the ICO or to burn the unsold tokens.

Max Supply

GLU Token

The maximum amount of GLU tokens that will ever exist. It is analogous to the fully diluted shares in the stock market. This is burned in the contract and can never be changed.

Fully Diluted MC


Fully-diluted market cap

The market cap if the max supply was in circulation.

Fully-diluted market cap (FDMC) = price x max supply. 

Current GLU   Price $0.20
per GLU Token

The GLU ICO will progress for 100 phases + 20 bonus phases. For each phase the token price will increase $0.01 - $0.1 and if the ICO is successful the price of one GLU will be at least $1.20 when listed on the exchanges.